The Lastest on the SIH Cancer Center

For too long, many cancer patients and their families have had a perception that they need to travel long distances to receive the care they need. The Cancer Center brings patients, doctors and services under one roof for greater efficiency and quality of service for everyone involved in this medical journey of cancer treatment.

Please check back often for the latest developments on SIH Cancer Center.

A peek inside the SIH Cancer Institute


A Room With a View

Using nature’s elements to inspire healing is most recognized in the 4,050 square feet of the new Infusion Therapy Services. The area is surrounded by a large expanse of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the beautiful natural landscape of the Crab Orchard Wildlife Preserve. A man-made pond and walking paths are also in view.

The natural light filters into the space while patients receive their intravenous treatments. The amenities of Infusion Therapy Services are intended to provide a warm, welcoming, comfortable and healing environment for patients, their loved ones, as well as staff.

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We’re Starting the Move

This November, Southern Illinois Healthcare received keys to the new cancer center structure in Carterville. Now the work begins to move the various cancer departments into the facility.

The list below represents the comprehensive components of the center. What you may not have realized is that nearly all of the departments have existed in southern Illinois for some time. The impressive list helps you see what we’ve been working all along—how all these elements, under one roof, will make it easier on patients fighting one of nature’s toughest diseases.

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Salukis Blackout Cancer

On September 27, 2014 when the Salukis take on Western Illinois University the Dawgs will be wearing special jerseys for the Blackout Cancer Game. The game is a way for Saluki fans across the country and people in the community to get involved in the fight against cancer.

Bid to see your name on a favorite Saluki jersey!


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Celebrating Progress

After gathering thousands of signatures and messages across the community, the ceremonial 22ft steel beam was raised, and put in it’s permanent home, over the new comprehensive cancer on February 27th. “This beam will be a place where all cancer patients and caregivers will pass under. We wanted this to be a symbol of strength that all of us at SIH work for, but it also represents all that the community has given to their friends and family members; and the strength and support they need through their journey.” – Jennifer Badiu, System Cancer Care Services Director.

For a look at the beam raising and the Cancer Institute’s progress, check out this video:

Inspiring Hope Through Art

Art Contest
Calling all artists and photographers. Your commissioned work could inspire hope and healing by being displayed at the new comprehensive cancer center in Carterville.

Our goal is to design the cancer center in a way that promotes health and healing for our cancer patients. Your art could be a part of that vision

Join us for a special preview of the cancer center.

Tuesday, January 28
5:30pm to 6:30 pm
SIH System Office
University Mall, Carbondale

  • Find out how to submit a proposal.
  • Join us for a virtual tour of the center.
  • Get a feel for how you can blend your artistry with our vision.
  • Learn more about this unique opportunity.

RSVP Requested: 866.744.2468
Please share with other artists & photographers

You can still submit art even if you cannot make the event. Download the Artist Packet with all necessary information.

What is the Cancer Registry?

One department that will be newly located at the SIH Cancer Institute is the Cancer Registry.

What is the Cancer Registry?

Local Cancer Registries funnel data into the Illinois State Cancer Registry and the Commission on Cancer National Cancer Data Base.

With this information, doctors and researchers can use the data to learn more about cancer. The data helps point to causes, trends in various populations, patterns of occurrence and more. This then helps them make treatment choices and helps give direction for public health initiatives. Continue reading

Radiation Oncology Vault Work

Preparing the Vaults

One key service that will be located at the new cancer center is radiation oncology. This integral form of cancer treatment uses radiation to kill cancer cells. Because radiation is used, special treatment “vaults” must be created to accommodate.

Pictured here is the intricate groundwork needed to prepare the cancer center for this kind of treatment. Here are some interesting facts about this area:

  1. Each vault has an area of 1450 square feet.
  2. The vaults must be entirely formed of concrete, including walls, floor and roof.
  3. Calculations for wall thickness take into account things like, number of patients treated per day, photon energy of the equipment and the adjacent spaces.
  4. The concrete used must have a density of 147 pounds per cubic foot.
  5. The thickest vault door weighs 4,709 pounds.
  6. Penetrations through the walls for air conditioning must be specially designed using a maze in order to limit radiation.

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